Kings and Queens Match
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Kings and Queens Match · game online

Come and join the royal court in Kings and Queens Match as you embark on a quest to align vibrant gems! Across numerous entertaining and demanding levels, can you conquer all the challenges and reap the rewards?

Within this kingdom lies a treasure trove of gems awaiting your discovery! Each level presents a unique objective for you to accomplish. Tasks range from gathering a specific quantity of gems to eliminating obstacles and collecting special items. With just your mouse, let the adventure commence.

Arrange three or more identical gems by selecting one and swiping it with an adjacent gem. This action will eliminate them from the board, earning you points and consuming a move. Keep an eye on your move count, as you must fulfill the level's objective without exhausting your moves. Any leftover moves upon completion will be converted into additional points. Forming alignments of more than three gems will yield powerful super gems, capable of clearing large clusters from the board. Delight in the challenge and excitement!

How to play the game Kings and Queens Match?

Use your mouse to play.