Protect My Dog 3
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Protect My Dog 3 · game online

The brave dog once again finds itself in danger, as fierce wasps have prepared their stingers and await an opportune moment to unleash them. The dog is in need of your help again in the game "Protect My Dog 3"! Prevent the wasps from getting close - draw a protective line with your pencil!

As in previous versions, the goal in the third installment is simple - build a barrier between the dog and the bees to protect it from stings. Use your mouse to draw the barrier. Remember that your ink is not limitless, so use clever solutions. Utilize the environment to strengthen your barrier and prevent the dog from falling into dangerous places like lava. After your barrier is drawn, the bees will start attacking, initiating a countdown. The dog must remain unharmed for 5 seconds, or you will lose. With numerous levels and the introduction of new mechanics as you progress, can you ensure the dog's safety through all the challenges?

How to play the game Protect My Dog 3?

Use your mouse to play.