Tap Dunk Basketball
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Tap Dunk Basketball · game online

Immerse yourself in the endless world of basketball with the game "Tap Dunk Basketball." Score with the ball, perform virtuoso combinations of dribbles to avoid hitting the hoop. Rewards for your skill await you – various balls that will unlock as you achieve more.

Tap Dunk Basketball is a game with simple rules but demands mastery of control. You need to time your shot precisely to ensure the ball lands in the hoop. With a single tap, the ball always rises to a specific height towards the hoop. Tapping multiple times allows you to throw the ball higher.

With time, you'll master ball control and understand its physics. Execute consecutive dribbles (without touching the hoop) to accumulate the maximum number of points. The first dribble in the sequence earns you 2 points, the second – 3 points, the third – 4 points, and so on.

Show your skill, unlock a variety of ball skins by earning achievements. May luck be on your side!

How to play the game Tap Dunk Basketball?

You can use your mouse to play this game.