Tower of Babel
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Tower of Babel · game online

Tower of Babel offers an engaging experience of constructing towers using physics-based mechanics, allowing you and your friends to create towering structures. This game provides both single-player and multiplayer modes, accommodating up to 8 players, ensuring endless enjoyment until the moment your tower crumbles due to a misjudged block or a magical spell cast by one of your friends! Utilize power-ups strategically to gain an advantage. Playing Tower of Babel together serves as a solid foundation for fostering strong friendships, so make sure to play this game with people you know to maximize the fun!

How to play the game Tower of Babel?

Add / Remove player - Up and Down arrow keys

Change mode - Left of Right arrow keys

1st player action button - Q

2nd player action button - P

3rd player action button - X

4th player action button - N

5th player action button - 9

6th player action button - 3

7th player action button - 7

8th player action button - 1

Toggle help screen - H