Blumgi Bloom
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Blumgi Bloom · game online

Welcome to the world of Blumgi Bloom! In this captivating rope-cutting game, you are about to perform a magical feat. Your task is to cut the ropes that connect delicate seeds and bravely send them down to the ground, so they can sprout! What a thrilling feeling it is to witness these tiny seeds transform into vibrant, giant flowers!

Utilize your dexterity and skill to successfully cut the ropes and guide the small seeds to their new home. And fear not if challenges arise! Check out the propeller, which can give a little boost, helping you reach your goal. Unique puzzles and tasks await you at every step!

Now is the time to put your geometry knowledge to use! Demonstrate your cleverness and ability to interact with space to ensure that each little seed blossoms into a beautiful flower! Blumgi Bloom awaits you to immerse yourself in the captivating world of rope-cutting and create breathtaking gardens!

How to play the game Blumgi Bloom?

Snip the connecting lines using the mouse or swipe them away with your finger!