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Free Birds · game online

Experience the spirit of freedom in Free Birds! Join forces with nature in this engaging and vibrant puzzle game, where you'll use arrows to unlock bird cages. Exercise caution with your arrow usage to ensure you don't run out, conserve energy for upcoming levels, and aim to complete each stage with extra arrows for maximum scores!

Are you prepared for a game featuring breathtaking natural scenery and the harmonious melodies of birds? In this logical challenge, players must strategize and utilize their archery skills to liberate the birds. Begin your adventure by picking up the bow and following the provided tutorials. Track the arrow's path and replicate it with your cursor. Click and hold to draw the bow, adjust your aim, and release to shoot! Bravo! You've just saved two birds' lives. Now, set your sights on rescuing even more. Take aim at the ropes securing the cages and shoot to release them, granting freedom to the imprisoned birds. Notice the arrow symbols strategically placed in certain stages. Target them to trigger chain reactions, witnessing a flurry of arrows soaring through the air, assisting you in reaching seemingly impossible corners of the platforms. Keep a careful eye on your inventory, ensuring you have enough arrows to solve all the puzzles across various stages. Let's see how many birds you can help set free!

How to play the game Free Birds?

You can use your mouse to play.