Chicken Merge
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Chicken Merge · game online

"Chicken Merge" is an exciting game that will immerse you in the thrilling world of defending your base from hordes of enemies. You will have to train and upgrade your clumsy yet adorable chickens to become real defenders.

In this game, you need to collect numerous chicks and merge them into stronger chicken units that can withstand any enemies. Drag identical chicks and watch them transform into real fighters.

Then it's time to build your defense. Drag your chickens onto the defensive lines and watch them fight for their lives to protect your base. But be careful, enemies are not sleeping and will do everything possible to break through to your base.

Level up your chickens and gain access to new upgrades and weapons to make your arsenal even more diverse and powerful.

Share the game with your friends and see who can build the strongest defense and protect their base from enemies!

How to play the game Chicken Merge?

Drag and drop identical chickens to fuse them into a stronger chicken. Repeat this process until all of your guardian chickens are strong enough to defend your base.