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Blockheads · game online

Blockheads is an exhilarating first-person multiplayer shooter that will immerse you in the adrenaline-fueled world of online battles! Prepare to dive into epic shootouts and confront merciless enemies who are hunting you down. In your quest for the ultimate weapon, you'll compete to survive in a world where every bullet can be fatal.

In Blockheads, swiftness and weapon mastery are just the beginning of your path to glory. Unlock access to a unique upgrade system that allows you to transform your Blockhead into an unbeatable warrior. Increase your health to withstand devastating enemy attacks, enhance your speed to maneuver with undeniable elegance, and activate regeneration to quickly replenish your strength and return to the battle even stronger.

However, remember that Blockheads doesn't forgive the weak. Here, adrenaline and danger intertwine, and only the boldest and strongest can claim the title of the best Blockhead. Step onto the battlefield, where every second is worth more than gold, and discover what your heroic spirit is capable of. Only those who can withstand the test of life and death will earn honor and recognition in the world of Blockheads.

Go ahead, enter this swirling storm of battles where blocks bear witness to heroic feats! Deadly weapons and intense firefights await you. Will you rise to the top of the mountain of corpses and become an unstoppable Blockhead? That now depends solely on you.

How to play the game Blockheads?


Movement: WASD or arrow keys

Shoot: Left mouse button

Reload: R

Jump: Spacebar

Mobile/Tablet: Use the buttons on screen to play, there's a button for each action so you can crush others on your phone too!