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SuperKiller · game online

Become a secret agent and stop the villains who have decided to execute their sinister plans in the game "Superkiller." Your task is to deal with the bandits. Take your weapon in hand, aim, and eliminate the criminal authorities!

Your mission is to eliminate all the criminals at each level. Each level represents a room with various obstacles. Use the surrounding space and devise the best strategy to neutralize as many enemies as possible in the fewest moves. Use the mouse to aim and click to fire. Your bullets will bounce off walls, glass panels, and windows. You are a skilled agent, and firearms are not your only means. On some levels, you will have a hammer at your disposal. This special hammer has a curved trajectory, so you need to plan your throw carefully. Like bullets, it can break glass but then hit the wall. Try to aim for explosive barrels to take out multiple enemies with one throw. How many criminals can you destroy?

How to play the game SuperKiller?

Tap/click and hold on the screen to aim. Release your hold to fire.