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ZomboTag · game online

Welcome to the world of ZomboTag - an epic arena battle game where your goal is to infect every person on each level with your ever-growing army of zombies! Hunt down and defeat enemies on thrilling arenas, level up, and collect upgrades to make yourself and your army invincible!

In this fierce showdown, you'll be aided by two loyal allies: the leapers and the mobs. The leapers will relentlessly jump towards enemies before returning to you (imagine zombie boomerangs!), while the mobs will guard you and attack anyone brave enough to come close! With each victory over bosses, your army will grow, you'll become stronger, and you'll witness how long you can survive on the arena, fending off new waves of enemies!

Dive into the captivating world of ZomboTag, where the action knows no bounds! Upgrade your army, develop your skills, and show everyone who the true zombie master is!

How to play the game ZomboTag?

Movement: WASD or arrow keys