Rusher Crusher
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Rusher Crusher · game online

Rusher Crusher is an exciting arcade game where you take on the challenge of defeating pixel monsters using the firepower of your car's guns and turrets. Your city is under invasion by colossal pixel monsters that wreak havoc wherever they go, and it's your responsibility to upgrade your weapons and increase your attack speed in order to dismantle them into pixels. Each level grants you a mere 20 seconds to obliterate the monster, but beware, as defeating them is an arduous task. Be prepared to face defeat, learn from it, and enhance your car with more potent weapons for your next attempt. Keep an eye out for flying power-ups on your screen, as shooting them will grant temporary attack boosts. With hundreds of monsters awaiting your discovery and disintegration, the world of Rusher Crusher holds limitless challenges!

How to play the game Rusher Crusher?

Tap or click anywhere on the screen to shoot your guns. When you're in the upgrade menu, spend your coins on the upgrades on the right to make sure you attack faster and more efficiently.