Dinosaurs Merge Master
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Dinosaurs Merge Master · game online

Embark on an epic journey into the past and engage in battle against dinosaurs! Join forces with former rulers of the land to create an incredible army of dinosaurs that will help you defeat the enemy forces!

Meet ancient beasts, see the world ruled by primitive races, and fight on the battlefield alongside them. Hire new fighters, unite them, and increase your attack power and defense level to survive in this primeval battle!

Each new battle is a test that will take you to a new level. Set your strategy by placing your archers safely at the back, positioning the dinosaurs closer to the enemy side to absorb most of the damage, and allowing long-range warriors to strike enemies from a safe distance.

Each new victorious battle will give you the opportunity to acquire new powers and prepare for the next encounter with the enemy. Choose your strategy, unite your squads, and fight your opponents in this constantly evolving battle!

How to play the game Dinosaurs Merge Master?

You can use your mouse to play this game.