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Quivershot · game online

Enter the captivating world of Quivershot, where pixel art unveils its magical essence in the roguelite genre. An adventure awaits you, born from above, in the heart of a mysterious forest, where waves of enemies lurk at every step. Your survival depends on elegant, dancing movements that allow you to evade and dodge deadly attacks.

Your bow and arrows will become majestic allies in the battle against dark forces. Take careful aim and eliminate enemies one by one, like the echoes of soaring arrows, enveloping you in a blend of magic and skill. But be vigilant, for death is not final in this realm. Falling on the battlefield will return you to the beginning of your journey, ready to conquer the perils of the forest once again.

However, do not relax! Hidden within the depths of trees, secret passages hold unpredictable treasures. Each step may open the door to new enhancements that can alter the course of your journey. Be prepared to encounter unexpected powers that will help you become even stronger and overcome any obstacles.

Quivershot presents a challenge that opens the door to a world of mysteries and feats before you. Prepare for a grand odyssey where agility and precision will allow you to leave your mark in the history of this captivating pixelated adventure.

How to play the game Quivershot?

Forward - W

Backwards - S

Move left - A

Move right - D

Aim - Mouse

Shoot - Left Mouse