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Last Warriors · game online

Grab your sword and step into the arena in Last Warriors! Select your preferred character from a roster of eight and engage in thrilling battles against your comrades. Each warrior possesses unique abilities; for instance, Haru the Ninja boasts exceptional speed and impressive jumping abilities, although his attacks may not pack the punch of Kalah the Hunter. Experiment with each fighter to discover the one that complements your play style the best! If you find yourself flying solo, Tournament mode awaits! Challenge all the warriors sequentially, where only the mightiest and most skilled combatant can persevere to confront the ultimate boss. Do you have what it takes to vanquish your foes and claim the title of the Last Warriors Champion?

How to play the game Last Warriors?

Press the A button or the Right arrow key to jump forward and attack.

Press the D button or the Left arrow key to jump backwards and defend.