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Fill Pix · game online

We invite you to test your artistic skills in this captivating pixel coloring game. Are you ready to add vibrant colors to your life?

If you've always dreamed of painting beautiful pictures but felt you lacked the skills, then this game is perfect for you. Even if you consider yourself a great artist, this game will test your attention to detail. Examine the samples provided at the top of the screen and try to recreate them accurately on the blank canvas. Choose the colors you need from the palette below the canvas and carefully fill in the pixels on the image. If you make a mistake, don't worry; you can easily select a different color and correct it. Come and see how well you fare in the world of pixel art!

How to play the game Fill Pix?

Choose the colors from below the empty drawings and click on the blocks of pixels on the drawing. You can also drag the cursor to color multiple spots fast.