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Card Shuffle Sort · game online

Card Shuffle Sort is an engaging and colorful puzzle game where your objective is to sort cards by colors to earn coins. With dozens of multicolored cards and captivating quests, hours of fun await you in this game!

Here, you won't need to worry about card suits and values – your focus is solely on colors. Your goal is straightforward: collect 10 cards of the same color to earn coins. When you start the game, you will see three open card slots on the screen. Press the "DEAL" button at the bottom to add cards to these slots. Group the cards by colors by clicking on them. Once you have a stack of 10 cards of the same color, drag it down to the slot to receive coins. You can use these earned coins to unlock additional slots. Some slots can only be unlocked using precious gems, which you can obtain by completing various quests. Check the available quests in the main menu! As you unlock more slots, you will also expand the range of card colors. Don't forget to log in to the game every day to collect daily rewards. Enjoy your time in Card Shuffle Sort!

How to play the game Card Shuffle Sort?

Use your mouse to play.