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Sort Mart · game online

Use the available shelves to rearrange goods and make your store more appealing to customers in the logic game "Sort Mart"! This engaging puzzle not only offers relaxation but also enhances your logic skills. Let's explore how to improve your business!

Certainly, offering high-quality products is important, but managing your store effectively to attract more customers and increase profits is equally crucial. This puzzle will teach you how to efficiently utilize the available space while maintaining product diversity. Simply select an item to pick it up, then place it on an empty shelf or next to a similar item. Note that you cannot place items next to each other; there must be at least one item of the same type on the shelf or nothing at all. Plan your moves, experiment with new strategies, and stock the shelves before the allotted time runs out to earn all three stars.

Gradually unlock new products by successfully completing levels. Don't forget to use the "Undo" function in the bottom right corner and add new shelves by watching short ads to overcome the most challenging levels. Unlock all the products to add them to your store's inventory and attract more customers!

How to play the game Sort Mart?

You can use your mouse to play this game.