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Cheese Lab · game online

In the midst of a vast city, at the heart of a mysterious scientific laboratory, lies an astonishing secret - the Cheese Laboratory! And so, one day, a small and brave mouse decided to delve into this captivating world, full of adventures and dangers.

Unusual trials and thrilling adventures await you, where your goal is to collect as much delicious Gouda and Cheddar as possible, which lies within this mysterious laboratory. However, be cautious: your paths will intersect with fierce robot-cats, eager to snatch you with their sharp claws!

Avoid traps and dangerous obstacles, such as laser mouse traps, which can cut off your path to the goal. In this captivating world, every decision matters, and only brave and resourceful mice will be able to reach the very heart of the Cheese Laboratory!

Get ready for an exciting adventure in the 2D game "Cheese Lab"! Immerse yourself in the world of cheese secrets and enjoy an exhilarating journey alongside the little mouse!

How to play the game Cheese Lab?

Use your mouse to play.