Killer Snake
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Killer Snake · game online

Welcome to the world of Killer Snake - an exhilarating game where you can experience a real-life battle with diverse snakes. Engage in a deadly showdown with these predators and try to survive in various corners of the world, designed with impeccable detail.

Your skill and bravery will be put to the test as you encounter numerous species of snakes. From fierce jungles to snow-capped mountain peaks, you will have to fight for your life and extract venom from the most dangerous creatures. Irresistible adventures await you at every turn!

Level up your abilities, become a master of evasion and control to resist these cold-blooded creatures. You must learn to take into account the habits of each snake to stay alive and claim victory. Skills and reflexes will be your main allies in this magnificent snake hunt.

Show the world that you are a true guardian of the wild, capable of conquering the most fearsome snakes and becoming a legend of Killer Snake!

How to play the game Killer Snake?

Don’t get bitten while extracting venom. Hold down the left mouse button, point it towards the snake’s head and release it just before the snake charges at you.