Parkour Block Xmas Special
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Parkour Block Xmas Special · game online

Can you navigate your way through the snowy pines in Parkour Block Xmas Special? You're faced with a multitude of pines, and your task is to take cautious steps to avoid falling to the ground. Leap from side to side between these pines, ensuring you land firmly on one of their branches!

In this pixelated, first-person view game, your objective is to successfully maneuver among the pines. It might seem uncomplicated without enemies or additional obstacles, but the challenge lies in the first-person perspective, making it difficult to maintain balance. Since you can't see your steps, you'll need a keen instinct for your aim. Thankfully, the stick in your hand aids in targeting your next jump. Exercise caution, move slowly, and assess your view at each step. There's no time limit in this game, but if you tumble to the snowy ground, you'll have to restart from the beginning. Take your position and get ready to navigate the snowy pixelated pines with precision!

How to play the game Parkour Block Xmas Special?

The SPACE BAR to jump. The WASD keys to move. SHIFT to run. Mobile: Touch controls.