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Noob Fuse · game online

Welcome to Noob Fuse, where you'll find yourself in a pixelated three-dimensional world filled with destruction and chaos! Grab some explosives and unleash real havoc by blowing up various buildings on different levels to collect valuable diamonds! Get ready for loud explosions and blocks flying in all directions!

No one knows who built these structures. It could be the work of trolls or peaceful village residents, but in reality, it doesn't matter. The main goal is to make them crumble! Your objective in this game is very simple. You have dynamite blocks, and your task is to use them to demolish various buildings on different levels. Once the game starts, use the WASD keys or arrow keys on your keyboard to move your character. And, of course, don't forget to jump - you can do that with the spacebar. Find the best spot to place the dynamite, and when you locate it, right-click to set it there. Then, use the mouse scroll wheel or arrow keys to select matches to ignite the dynamite. After a few seconds, it will explode, shattering nearby blocks.

Each building hides a chest containing precious diamonds. Be sure to break these chests because you can exchange the diamonds with a village resident for more powerful explosives. The game features 42 levels, which you'll unlock one by one as you progress. Keep in mind that the levels become increasingly challenging as you advance. Have fun and good luck in your destructive adventures!

How to play the game Noob Fuse?

Use your mouse to aim.

Use the right-click to place TNT and light it.

Use the WASD or the arrow keys to move around.

Use the SPACE BAR to jump.

Use the mouse scroll to change the items.