1010 Color Match
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1010 Color Match · game online

1010 Color Match is an engaging game that requires cleverness and logical thinking. Step into a battle with vibrant squares of various shades and showcase your color-matching skills!

Imagine a virtuosic tango of colors, where your hands skillfully intertwine with the palette. Each square possesses its own individuality, its own hue, and your task is to connect them into harmonious groups. When three or more squares of the same color come together, magic happens as they instantly disappear, making room for new figures.

You will be amazed by the variety of shapes you'll add to the game board. Squares of different colors, creating astonishing compositions, will easily find their place on the battlefield. Unleash your inner artist and position the figures strategically to free up as much space as possible.

But don't forget about strategy! Your mission is to clear space on the board by eliminating other blocks. In this test of wit and speed, collecting combos will help you achieve impressive results and earn bonus points. Every decision you make matters, and an exciting journey awaits you where each move can take you further along the path to success.

Prepare yourself to dive into a world of picturesque color combinations and challenging logical thinking. Unlock your mind and talents in the game 1010 Color Match. Enjoy this floral ballet on the game board and discover how far you can go before the area becomes densely filled with squares!

How to play the game 1010 Color Match?

Click and drag the shapes from the right side of the game area into their best position.