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Stacktris · game online

"Stacktris" is an arcade game where you need to place blocks, called tetrominoes, without letting them fall. Click on the block to stop its rotation, then drag it over the platform and release it to drop it. Be careful not to let any block fall, otherwise the game will be lost.

If the game seems too difficult, don't worry! You can view hints and even purchase upgrades with coins you have earned. The game offers bonuses such as "Slow Rotation," "High Friction," "Coin Magnet," "Low Bounce," "Coin Chance," "Wide Platform," and "Next Block," which can make your gameplay experience easier and more enjoyable.

To become the best at "Stacktris," you will need patience and a little time, but it's definitely worth it! Don't forget to share the game with your friends and show them how much of a master you are at building the tallest tower of tetrominoes!

How to play the game Stacktris?

Click and hold to stop the tetrominos from spinning, drag your mouse to move the tetrominoes, and release to drop. You can also use the keyboard to move them horizontally. Stack the blocks as high as you can without knocking them down!