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Tribar · game online

Immerse yourself in the world of Tribar and create unique structures with just a flick of your finger! This fun puzzle will draw you into its realm and make you look at it from different angles, regardless of your age. Follow the desired shapes and use your own movements to reach the desired goal! Relax in the enchanting wooden atmosphere, complete levels at incredible speed, and collect all the stars along your way!

It may seem easy to draw a few simple lines, right? However, this puzzle will challenge you. Copying the simple figures shown on the table can be much more difficult than it seems. Even a few straight lines can confuse and hinder your reproduction. Take on the challenge and test your abilities. Follow the instructions and repeat the demonstrated movements. Look at the figure on the right and try to create the exact same one using wooden blocks. Don't let the difficulties break you; press the replay button to get another chance and view the figure from a different angle. Master the art of seeing three-dimensional objects in two dimensions and earn all the stars through consecutive victories!

How to play the game Tribar?

You can use your mouse to play this game.