Super Samurai
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Super Samurai · game online

In the exciting game "Super Samurai," you will face battles with various enemies at each level. You'll need to successfully complete the level within a given time and move on to the next, which will be even more challenging and thrilling!

Don't settle for what you've achieved so far: improve your character, learn new skills, and make him even more powerful. You have the opportunity to strengthen him using diamonds that you can earn at the end of each level.

Get ready for thrilling encounters, be persistent, and skillfully use your abilities to defeat every enemy! And remember, with each stage you complete, your super samurai will become stronger, bringing even more fun and enjoyment to this exciting game!

How to play the game Super Samurai?

The controls in the game "Super Samurai" on a computer are carried out using the WASD keys or the arrow keys on the keyboard, and on a phone or tablet, they are done using taps.