Parkour Block 3D
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Parkour Block 3D · game online

Welcome to the world of Parkour Block 3D – run, jump, and save your life! The path ahead is filled with dangers in the form of lava oceans, and your task is to move forward. Maneuver through the blocks with agility, reach the gates that are not as easy as they seem. But with courage, you will overcome all difficulties. Your belief in success should never fade, like a light on this fiery island. The land is covered with deadly lava, so ahead there are only blocks and platforms. Is this challenge within your capabilities?

Fearlessly step into a world saturated with danger. Our reality has been shattered by the forces of evil, but despite everything, we must survive in this fire. In the three-dimensional world of Parkour Block 3D, your mission is to reach the purple doors, conquering all levels of difficulty. Conquer 35 exciting trials with bravery. Be cautious, for death awaits those who tread the path of lava. When you enter the game, your character will stand on a brown-colored block. Pass through the purple doors, skillfully navigating the brown platforms. Use the WASD keys for movement and the mouse for your view. Jump by pressing the spacebar. The levels will become increasingly challenging as you progress. Do not risk taking a step forward without studying the route beforehand. Best of luck to you in this thrilling adventure – may every game be a joyful victory over hardships!

How to play the game Parkour Block 3D?

The SPACE BAR to jump. The WASD keys to move. SHIFT to run. Mobile: Touch controls.