Subway Surfers: World Tour Shenzhen Showdown
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Subway Surfers: World Tour Shenzhen Showdown · game online

Cheers to 2024, everyone! As we bid farewell to the North Pole, our next destination is the lively Shenzhen Showdown! Immerse yourself in the fusion of modern and traditional elements, from towering skyscrapers and bustling malls to the timeless charm of the Splendid China Folk Village. Take a leisurely break at Dongchong Sand Beach and brace yourself for an unparalleled show! Amidst the tempting aromas of delicious street food and bubble tea, stay focused as we make our way to a spectacular performance. Are you prepared for the show?

How to play the game Subway Surfers: World Tour Shenzhen Showdown?

Left/right arrow - Move left/right

Up arrow - Jump

Down arrow - Roll

Space - Activate hoverboard