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Flags · game online

Welcome to the exciting world of "Flags" - a game designed to challenge your wit! An enthralling journey awaits you, where each time you will be presented with a random flag, and you must guess which country it belongs to.

Three main game modes are waiting for you:

"60 Seconds" - earn as many correct answers as possible in one minute.

"Series" - test your skills and play for as long as you can without making mistakes.

"Training" - incorrect answers will be repeated, allowing you to learn from your mistakes.

In the default mode, the game will show you a flag, and you'll need to choose the country from the list of possible answers. The second mode works the other way around: the game will show you the name of the country, and you'll have to identify the flag from three options. Speed and accuracy are the keys to success! The faster you provide the correct answer, the more points you'll earn. Each correct answer without errors will increase your score.

What's your streak in the "Flags" game? Share it with your friends and have a fun competition! Share this captivating game to experience exciting challenges together and expand your knowledge of countries and their flags!

How to play the game Flags?

Tap one of the three answers listed below the flag/country.