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Merge & Decor · game online

Immerse yourself in the magical world of fantasy adventures with Merge & Decor! Fulfill your customers' desires by merging objects. Gather orders from your clientele, prepare a wide variety of materials, and utilize your savings to adorn stunning houses! Transform dilapidated sheds into magnificent palaces with your unparalleled taste, and showcase your expertise in managing a multi-branch business.

Merge your two professions just like you merge those objects! Enhance your services with each step, ensuring the satisfaction of your discerning customers through this game. Every sale is a fresh encounter in the field, where you strive to meet the wishes of your customers and pursue desirable goods. Click on the source items laid out on the table and merge identical objects together. Combine an item with its corresponding pair to create more space while expanding your business. Once an order is complete, click on the customer to receive payment. As you accumulate enough stars, venture into the living room and commence the decoration process! Choose every detail, from carpets to curtains – the decision is entirely yours! Return to the merging game to earn more stars and replenish your resources. Open chests, utilize energizers, and upgrade your services. Embark on accepting more complex orders and overcome all challenges that come your way!

How to play the game Merge & Decor?

You can use your mouse to play this game.