Siren Head Forest Return
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Siren Head Forest Return · game online

I trust you'll enjoy your gaming experience. Prepare for spine-chilling thrills in the forthcoming 3D horror/shooter game, "Siren Head Forest Return," where you and a companion must wield an axe and scavenge for any available resources to confront the menacing Siren Head creature. Venturing through villages and forests, you'll encounter the eerie habitat of Siren Head, where unwary travelers, hikers, and even children may become its prey. Siren Head's cunning strategy involves luring unsuspecting victims into the depths of the woods, using distressing sounds to ensnare its prey.

How to play the game Siren Head Forest Return?

Control of the game "Siren Head Forest Return" on the computer is carried out using the keyboard and mouse buttons. On your phone or tablet: touch control.