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Fish Squad · game online

Fish Squad is a two-versus-two battle game where you control armed fish! Your objective is to shoot the enemy as frequently as possible while minimizing your own deaths. Each time you defeat an enemy, your team earns one point. Achieve a higher score than the opposing team within 90 seconds to emerge victorious! Winning matches grants you experience points and surprise cans. Use experience points to enhance your favorite fish, while the cans may contain new fish for you to unlock! There are 14 distinct characters to unlock, each equipped with unique specialties and weapons. Strive to unlock them all and determine which one suits your style best. Can you rise to become the deadliest catch in Fish Squad?

How to play the game Fish Squad?

Walk with the left and right arrow key or use A and D

Jump with the up arrow key or use W

Shoot with the spacebar

Use your special ability with the Shift Key