World Conquest
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World Conquest · game online

Assume command in the World Conquest game! In this strategic war game reminiscent of Risk, the fate of victory lies in your hands. Every turn presents crucial decisions: where to deploy your troops and which territories to assail. Expand your dominion to bolster your forces; the more territories under your control, the greater your army. Plus, with each turn's end, you can claim a card. With the right combination, these cards unleash reinforcements aplenty!

Conquer all adversary territories to claim triumph, yet tread cautiously—losing all your holdings spells defeat. Select from three difficulty levels and explore three distinct maps. Seasoned tacticians can dare Risiko mode, where victory is a formidable challenge. The odds are daunting, but can you emerge triumphant and conquer the globe?

How to play the game World Conquest?

Use the mouse to place and move your troops.