Raft Life
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Raft Life · game online

Apply sunscreen and try to avoid seasickness while floating on the raft! Lost in the middle of the ocean on your raft, where there's nowhere else to go, can you create a productive life under the sun?

Your goal in this game is to expand your raft. To do this, gather resources and sell them to earn money. Use this money to add new sections to your raft. At the beginning, your only resource is wood. For some reason, palm trees can grow on your raft. Take an axe and chop them down to collect wood and sell it to the trader. Over time, you'll build storage and hire an assistant to help you. As you add sections to your raft, new resources for collection and sale become available. Don't forget to upgrade your warehouses and trading stalls! However, keep in mind that despite the thriving business on your noisy raft, you're still in the middle of the ocean. Occasionally, a shark pays a visit, trying to take a bite out of your raft. Defeat it to avoid losing parts of your raft. If it happens, spend some coins to repair the damaged sections. Once you reach a certain level, start anew on an upgraded raft with increased income. Good luck!

How to play the game Raft Life?

You can use your mouse to play this game.