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Funny Blade & Magic · game online

Seize your axe and unleash chaos as you conquer other goblins in Funny Blade and Magic! Betrayed by your uncle, it's time to showcase your true capabilities. How many levels can you survive?

The objective of this game is both entertaining and straightforward. Your task is to complete each level by eliminating all your enemies. While in a level, use the WASD keys for movement and your mouse for attacks. The minimap indicates the locations of your enemies. At the top of the screen, you'll find information on the number of enemies in the level and how many you've defeated. Each map represents a village with buildings and traps. Leap onto buildings to survey your surroundings and strategize your attack. Utilize traps to your advantage by aligning enemies with them and press the F key to use telekinesis, pushing foes into traps. Keep an eye on your mana and health displayed in the top left corner. If an enemy is beyond your melee range, right-click on the screen to throw your axe. Defeated enemies drop coins, which can be used to purchase new weapons, cosmetics, abilities, and upgrades. Enjoy the game!

How to play the game Funny Blade & Magic?

Use the WASD keys to move

Use the C key to dodge attacks

Use the F key to push your enemies

Use the SPACEBAR to jump

Use the mouse to aim

Use the left mouse button to attack

Use the right mouse button to throw your weapon