Beaver's Blocks
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Beaver's Blocks · game online

Celebrate the festive cheer this Christmas season with Beaver's Blocks! Prepare your gingerbread, hang up your stockings, and embrace the challenge of this timeless puzzle! Arrange the wooden blocks on the table, complete rows both horizontally and vertically, cover the 3x3 areas, and break those tiles! Enhance your logical reasoning while immersing yourself in the joy of Christmas!

Make your cherished holiday memorable by solving these logic puzzles alongside your family! Unwrap your presents and gather your loved ones to embark on a puzzle challenge together! Fill the spaces with the randomly provided pieces and test your limits! Your primary competition is your own best score. The endless gameplay presents an ever-growing challenge that intensifies with each move, compelling you to approach it from various perspectives to clear more space. Strategically stick to the corners to leave the middle areas open for surprises, and aim for efficient space filling. Always have a backup plan for the incoming three pieces, as this game is full of unpredictable twists. Maintaining composure and carefully surveying the table are the keys to success. Utilize the available pieces to navigate critical situations and reclaim the top spot! Refine your skills through practice and strive for the highest score possible!

How to play the game Beaver's Blocks?

You can use your mouse to play this game.