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Draw 2 Save Doge · game online

The humming of bees signals imminent danger, as they eagerly prepare to strike the nearest target in Draw 2 Save Doge! Come to the aid of this unfortunate dog by creating a protective barrier to shield him from the swarm of wild bees.

Though the reason for the bees' anger remains unknown, Doge is innocent! He simply found himself unwittingly surrounded by bee hives while passing through. Convincing the irate swarm to cease their attack is futile, so the best course of action is to block their path and safeguard the dog. Your mission in this game is to successfully navigate each level by preventing the bees from reaching Doge. In every stage, your task is to sketch a line between Doge and the bees, but exercise caution as your ink supply is limited. The number of stars you earn is determined by the amount of ink used, with a maximum of three stars per level.

Upon drawing the barrier, the bees will emerge from their hive and make a beeline for Doge. If they fail to reach him within 5 seconds, you emerge victorious and progress to the next level. This achievement rewards you with coins, which can be utilized to unlock various character skins available in the in-game shop. As you advance, the levels will pose increasing challenges, demanding creative thinking to devise effective solutions. Enjoy the game!

How to play the game Draw 2 Save Doge?

You can use your mouse to play this game.