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Word vs Word · game online

Word vs Word is a two-player puzzle game that immerses you in an engaging word-forming battle against another player. Begin by crafting your unique character, selecting an avatar, and diving into a real-time match with a formidable opponent. Confront a crossword-like board teeming with scrambled letters, tasking you with swiping a line of letters to form words. The longer your word, the higher your score. Take note of the point value for each letter to unleash fantastic combos.

Both you and your adversary can leverage 12 game-changing power-ups, pivotal in determining the outcome of your victory or defeat. These power-ups include, but are not limited to, introducing blank jellies, constructing your dream word, or reshuffling the entire board to disrupt your opponent's potential score. Keep in mind that each power-up can be utilized only once per game, so exercise discernment in selecting your favorite before your opponent beats you to it!

How to play the game Word vs Word?

Swipe a line of letters to make a word. The longer your word is, the more points you'll get. Pay attention to how many points each letter holds so you can make amazing combos.