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Word Slide: Scrabble · game online

Word Slide is an engaging puzzle game where your task is to rearrange columns of letters to form meaningful words. You'll need to apply your vocabulary skills to come up with words until all letter tiles are used. Each time you create a correct word, the letters you used will change color.

Don't forget to follow this rule and complete the level when all tiles turn brown. The game offers six languages, each with 50 challenges. If you get stuck, you can always use a hint to see which words you need to find. Additionally, there's an option to skip a level if it appears too challenging for you.

Remember to share Word Slide with your friends to improve your vocabulary together and enjoy this captivating word puzzle game!

How to play the game Word Slide: Scrabble?

Swipe a word column up or down to rearrange the letters. The row with the arrow indicators should always form a meaningful word. When you've formed a correct word, the tiles should change in color.