The House Of Evil Granny
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The House Of Evil Granny · game online

Prepare yourself for a heart-pounding escape in 'Granny's House,' where you awaken to find yourself trapped within the confines of a dilapidated room. Imprisoned by the sinister Granny, a deranged old woman armed with a menacing bloodied baseball bat, you must navigate the eerie corridors of her haunted abode.

Scour every nook and cranny as you search for vital items and tools essential for unlocking the myriad of locks barring your exit. But beware, Granny's relentless pursuit adds a chilling layer of urgency to your quest for freedom.

In your daring mission to unlock the front door and evade Granny's clutches, you'll need to locate a hammer—a versatile weapon capable of temporarily incapacitating Granny for a precious 15 seconds. But that's not all; you'll also require a battery to power crucial mechanisms and, of course, the elusive main door key.

Can you outsmart Granny's deadly game and escape her twisted domain before it's too late?

How to play the game The House Of Evil Granny?

The controls in the "Granny's House" game on the computer are operated using the keyboard. WASD keys are for movement, the mouse controls the camera view, the left mouse button is for attacking, the right mouse button is for blocking attacks, F is for interacting with objects, left shift is for running, left ctrl is for crouching, X is for sitting, and spacebar is for jumping.