Night OffRoad Cargo
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Night OffRoad Cargo · game online

Embark on the exhilarating challenges of cargo delivery in Night Offroad Cargo! Seize control of a formidable truck and navigate through demanding levels to transport your cargo successfully!

Driving a truck is already a daunting task, but maneuvering one on an offroad track adds an extra layer of difficulty. Now, picture undertaking all of this in the darkness of night! Although your objective in this game is formidable, we believe in your ability to conquer it. Across 12 distinct and rugged levels, your mission is to deliver the cargo to its assigned destination. Utilize the WASD keys to control the truck, but exercise caution. Offroad tracks pose challenges, demanding your continuous focus on the road. Drive cautiously and securely, adjusting your speed when necessary, especially when conquering hills. The road, shrouded in darkness and obstacles, requires your attention. Employ your lights and road signs as guidance, striving to reach your destination with minimal cargo loss. At the conclusion of each level, your performance in cargo delivery determines the stars you earn. To achieve a coveted 3-star rating, deliver at least 10 cargo units. Keep track of your cargo quantity at the top of the screen. Best of luck on your offroad nocturnal journey!

How to play the game Night OffRoad Cargo?

Use the WASD keys to control your truck.

Use the mouse to move the camera.