Skibidi Toilet 2
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Skibidi Toilet 2 · game online

In Skibidi Toilet, relentless enemies are in hot pursuit, aiming to crash into you. Step on the gas and strive to outsmart their attempts to bring you down. Can you demonstrate to these determined pursuers that catching you is no easy feat?

Take command of a cameraman and his car in this game, where your primary goal is to endure for as long as possible. As you kick off the game, your character will autonomously navigate the car, with relentless pursuers trailing behind. These menacing Skibidi toilets are out to wreck your vehicle, so brace yourself for nimble maneuvers and dodges. Utilize the left and right arrow keys to alter your course and skillfully maneuver your pursuers into colliding with each other. Earn points for every second you evade capture. While on the run, be on the lookout for cash piles – collecting them allows you to enhance your stats, boosting your chances of survival. Additionally, gather power-ups such as speed boosts, repair tokens, and shields. Be cautious of explosive barrels; strategically navigate around them to lead your adversaries into a collision. How long can you outlast the relentless pursuit?

How to play the game Skibidi Toilet 2?

Use the left and right arrow keys or the A and the D keys to turn your car.