Construction Ramp Jumping
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Construction Ramp Jumping · game online

Secure your seatbelt and get ready for an adrenaline-pumping experience in Construction Ramp Jumping. In this high-energy game, test your limits as you launch off ramps using various vehicles.

Why stick to mundane roads when you can take a thrilling leap from a massive ramp? That's precisely your mission in this game! In each level, your goal is to reach the target area by skillfully navigating jumps off ramps. Begin each level with a different vehicle, and control your movement by clicking and holding your mouse to drive forward. Once airborne, unleash the speed boost by holding and clicking on the screen.

Initially, your vehicles have basic stats, but fear not – you'll accumulate coins with each jump. Earn coins by colliding with objects, covering long distances, and executing stunts like rolls. Invest these coins wisely to upgrade three essential stats. Enhance the engine for greater ramp speed, boost power for a stronger speed boost, and bonus capability for increased coin rewards. Upon successfully reaching the target area, you unlock the next level.

Wish you the best of luck, and remember, leave these daring tricks to the virtual world – don't attempt them at home!

How to play the game Construction Ramp Jumping?

You can use your mouse to play this game.