Maze Of Death
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Maze Of Death · game online

Welcome to the thrilling world of a first-person shooter, filled with pitch-black horror and ruthless zombies! Here, you will face a real challenge - escaping from a convoluted labyrinth reminiscent of the classic style of the game "Doom." You have the freedom to choose any weapon you can find to crush the armies of the undead standing in your way. Don't stop and keep moving forward, striving to find the exit as quickly as possible, or else the zombies will close in on you with every second. Ahead lies a battle for survival and glory!

How to play the game Maze Of Death?

In the game "Death Maze," on the computer, the controls are operated using the WASD buttons. The spacebar is used to shoot, and weapon selection is done using the number keys. To pick up weapons, press G.