Kitty Jewel Quest
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Kitty Jewel Quest · game online

Kitty Jewel Quest invites you to embark on a cute and fluffy adventure, filled with charming kittens and dozens of levels. Get ready to pick up adorable kittens to complete levels and accomplish tasks. If you're a fan of match-three games, you're in the right place! Let's start playing, right meow!

Just like in many other games of this genre, your goal is quite simple. Your task is to complete missions to progress through the levels. At the beginning of each level, you will be given tasks. In the early stages of the game, these tasks may seem easy, but they will become increasingly challenging as you advance. On each level, you'll have a game board filled with various kittens. Creating a row or column of three or more of them will remove them from the board and earn you points. Some levels may have special blocks that can also be cleared by removing kittens adjacent to them. After removing the blocks, new ones will appear from the top to fill the vacant spaces. Can you complete all the levels?

How to play the game Kitty Jewel Quest?

You can use your mouse to play this game.