Cooking Festival
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Cooking Festival · game online

Get ready to don your apron and fire up the stove because it's time to cook up a storm in Cooking Festival! Are you prepared to whip up delectable dishes and unveil new eateries across the globe?

Crack some eggs, blend the batter, but be sure not to overcook! Your goal is straightforward: unlock all the restaurants scattered worldwide. Begin your culinary journey at the pancake shop. In each level, hungry customers will arrive with their orders. Your task is to prepare their meals according to their specifications and serve them promptly. For instance, to make pancakes, click on the batter and wait until they're cooked to perfection, then swiftly remove them from the stove to prevent burning. Once plated, customize the dish with condiments based on the order. Completing all customer orders in a level earns you coins and stars, essential for unlocking new restaurants. Track your progress on the map view at the bottom of the screen. As you advance and unlock new eateries, you'll discover fresh recipes and special clientele! Don't forget to keep an eye on the trophies; gathering them from each region unlocks access to new territories. Get ready for a culinary adventure like no other!

How to play the game Cooking Festival?

Use your mouse to play.