Mad Scientist Clicker: Idle Crazy Inc
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Mad Scientist Clicker: Idle Crazy Inc · game online

Welcome to Mad Scientist Clicker: Idle Crazy Inc, where you take on the role of a diabolical corporation's director defending it from relentless robbers! Your task? To run this malevolent enterprise with cunning and efficiency.

Within your nefarious company, various rooms churn out revenue, but beware! Robbers are always lurking, eager to snatch your hard-earned coins. To thwart their schemes, assign one of your crazy creature security guards to each room. These guards boast unique powers, ensuring your profits remain safe from the grasp of would-be thieves.

But the action doesn't stop there. Use the rewards gleaned from defeating these robbers to upgrade your guards, enhancing their abilities and fortifying your defenses. Engage in battles alongside your guards, clicking furiously to unleash devastating damage upon your enemies.

With each skirmish, your company grows stronger, your coffers bulge with ill-gotten gains, and your reputation as a mastermind of malevolence solidifies. Are you ready to manage and defend your evil corporation against all who dare challenge its supremacy? The fate of your twisted empire rests in your hands!

How to play the game Mad Scientist Clicker: Idle Crazy Inc?

Click on the robbers to cause damage.