Clean The Ocean
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Clean The Ocean · game online

Pollution ravages our magnificent oceans, and you hold the power to combat it in Clean the Ocean. Take to the waters in your boat, ready to rid the sea of debris and restore its natural splendor across diverse regions!

Your mission in this game is to cleanse each area by clearing away the rubbish with your trusty vessel. Navigate using your mouse as your primary tool for trash collection. Simply click and drag across the screen to maneuver your boat. Approach the debris to gather it. Keep an eye on the boat's capacity displayed at the top of the screen. Once it's full, return to the docks to recycle. You must sort the trash into five distinct bins: industrial, paper, metal, glass, and plastic. Recycling not only contributes to environmental preservation but also earns you money. Use these earnings to enhance your boat's capabilities. Additionally, keep an eye out for balls floating in the sea. Collect them to unlock reward boxes, adding an extra layer of excitement to your cleanup efforts. Upon completing each area, unlock the next one to continue your journey.

How to play the game Clean The Ocean?

Use your mouse to play.