IZOWAVE - Build and Defend
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IZOWAVE - Build and Defend · game online

"IZOWAVE - Build and Defend" is a strategy game that presents a survival challenge against relentless waves of attacks in an expansive open world! Choose your map and mode, embarking on an adventure with your assistant, confronting progressively stronger enemies and assaults. Construct towers for offense, generators for resources, walls for defense, ammunition stations for reloading, boosters to enhance tower efficiency, and more. Upgrade both your and your assistant's stats, explore to collect gems, and save your progress at any desired point! How enduring can you be in this perilous world?

How to play the game IZOWAVE - Build and Defend?

WASD: Move

Left click: Build

Right click: Stop building

E: Upgrade building

R: Repair building

F: Buy ammo

Backspace: Destroy building