Snake Solver
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Snake Solver · game online

Snake Solver is an adorable puzzle game where your task is to assist a small snake in reaching its favorite treat: an apple! Snakes adore apples, but alas, they always seem out of reach or locked behind gates. Fortunately, this snake grows swiftly! By consuming yellow beans, it can increase in size, aiding it in reaching distant spots or activating multiple buttons simultaneously—this newfound capability makes puzzle-solving much more achievable! Not a fan of snakes? No worries! There's a plethora of other animals to unlock, such as caterpillars or fish. If you find yourself stuck in a level, fear not—you can always request a helpful hint! Can you guide your snake and collect all the apples?

How to play the game Snake Solver?

Move with W/A/S/D or the arrow keys.

Use the Spacebar to switch snakes.