Sorting Sorcery
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Sorting Sorcery · game online

You find yourself in an enchanted castle, surrounded by an aura of mystique, where every corner is filled with mysterious secrets, and every item is imbued with the breath of magic. As an assistant to the great wizard, you discover that the entire magical inventory is scattered across the shelves in a mad chaos, due to the maestro's carelessness.

Being young and inexperienced, you are deprived of access to serious magic, so your purpose is to bring some order to this magical arsenal. Your role is to restore harmony on the shelves among the pots of potions, shimmering crystals, mushrooms, and other magical paraphernalia.

Advance your organizational skills to new heights by placing items in their proper places. Each of your actions must be precise and deliberate. The fewer movements you make, the higher your score will be for this mystical puzzle level.

Your efforts will be rewarded with stars. For each successfully solved puzzle, you will receive three stars, confirming your mastery of magic and superb planning.

"Sorting Sorcery" is a journey through fifty levels of enchanting trials, each filled with astonishing and mysterious elements. They await your magnificence, your bravery, and your ability to bring order to this world of wonders and riddles.

How to play the game Sorting Sorcery?

You can use your mouse to play this game.